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Cat Notation

Cat Notation



The signs of ancient Greek music notation are replaced by a set of expressive cat faces and are transferred into a 3D environment. With the help of modern simulation technology, the interval ratios of different ancient modes of music have been reconstructed and used as proportions for Synthetic Sculptures. The 3D sculptures embody mathematical operation animals. The limbs of there bodies move exactly according to the melodic progression of the ancient Greek music fragments. For the first time in the history of music notation, the ethical character of a key gets exposed. The Cat-Notation liberates the essence of ancient Greek music from the prison of representation and reveals the miracle of modulation to us as we experience the alternation of expressively differentiated scales within the same melody through the morphing of one animals into the other. They show how the reliable laws of beauty that exist in the concurrence of music, mathematics and time do now reincarnate in sculpture.

A little sample: TK News – Cat Notation (video)

The Cat-Notation exhibition took place at the COMA-Gallery, parallel to the project NOTATION by the Academy of Arts Berlin and formed a special part of this show at the ZKM | Center for Art and Media, Karlsruhe. It has also been presented at the “Absolut Jena”, Zeiss Planetarium, Jena.


First Delphic Hymn to Apollo

The next video navigates through a fairy Landscape compiled out of views of Delphi. Listening to the song reconstructed after Ancient fragments found in the area, the viewer encounters mathematical operation animals proportioned after “pythagorean” enharmonic tunes:

Video in collaboration with Moritz Mattern

Animals of this sculptural system appear as extatic visions differentiated by specifics of their tunes and geographical positions. The song culminates in a dance of the so-called “All-embracing Dorian Sum-Cat” along the tones of melody which unveals its specific character.